Exercise Proper Etiquette Theatre

Some of the new theater is not exactly sure what the proper etiquette is required if you are a music or game. It can be fun to spend an evening seeing the stage production, but it also helps to know what the etiquette is required of participants. After all, you want to have a good time, but so does the rest of the audience.

You will see a live show is not the same as the cinema to see a movie. It is usually much quieter, so you need to be careful how much you talk about doing or is exposed to the noise. You need to respect the other people who enjoy the show. The same can be said of the characters themselves. Most of the performances in the theater are live and in person, so the demand for the full attention of the audience members. The speakers should be able to focus on what they do.

If you participate in a live show, it is proper theater etiquette to turn your cell phone and keep it off. Putting it on vibrate function can be confusing for those, sitting next to you, because you will be able to hear the buzzer sound.

The same applies to send the text messages during the game. In order to be a text message, a mobile phone, is not it? Above we said that all the proper etiquette theater to turn them off. The people sitting at even see the light on the screen and you will hear typing. This is not the time for all cell phone activity. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Eat your dinner, or a snack before you arrive at the auditorium of the live event. This kind of social outing is not as mundane as watching a movie. It is quiet and leadership of trained eyes and ears to what is happening in front of you that matters the most. Munching on chips, popcorn or candy can be annoying to others. The same can be said for sipping a soda or other beverage type. If you must eat, you can wait until the break. You can then go into the lobby and purchase a snack.

We all cough sometimes even when we go to the theater! If you feel a cough coming, you keep your mouth covered. Bring some tissues or a handkerchief with you. If none, then they cough in their sleeves, as opposed to the hand. If you have a cold or sore throat, cough drops or tablets unto you.

Avoid using any scented body products, if involved in the production. Be kind to the sensitivity of the neighbors. Choose unscented products for a night.

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